Interview Groundrules

People in the sex industry have faced a history of discrimination, stigmatisation and dehumanisation.  Unfortunately, this is often still the case today.  Therefore, the following groundrules and principles will be observed in conducting these interviews:


  1. The purpose of these interviews is educational, not entertainment or sensationalism.

  2. Ongoing consent: the concept of ongoing consent is often disregarded in relation to sex workers: just because someone consented to engage in a particular way at the beginning of an encounter, doesn't mean that they cannot withdraw consent half way through an encounter.  Similarly for the interviews, all particpants' ongoing consent to take part in this project will be respected both during their interview and up until publication. 

  3. Given the numerous interpersonal dynamics that arise in sex work, the interviews will aim to be sensitive and respectful of how some dynamics such as exhibitionism/voyeurism and exploiter/exploited (among others) may arise in the interview itself.

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