Sexuality is infinitely vast, complicated and multifaceted.  It touches on all aspects of our being from the physical, to the personal to the social and spiritual.  Therefore how we live our sexualities is intrinsic to how we live our lives.

My aim through this podcast is to explore how we understand being sexual, how we construct it, how we live and experience it.

In Series 1 of this podcast, I focus on people who work in the sex industry, to whom sex and sexuality is not only a fundamental aspect of their lives, but also how they make a living.  And their courage to live out their sexualities in unique ways often is an inspiration to others who can only live out their sexualities in fantasy.

Series 1 aims to explore with my guests what it means to them to be sexual, how they experience their sexuality and what insights they have gained from their work.

In creating a judgement-free space where these questions can be respectfully and sensitively explored, the intention is twofold:


1) to provide a medium through which people in the sex industry can communicate their experiences and insights, that in turn, can contribute to the healing of others; and

2) to encourage all of us to reflect on and examine our own experiences and sexual lives.

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